Now a days everyone needs a  website either personal or business. A website is a permanent address in virtual world. When you need a website, I am here for you. Now question is why you should choose me !

Some points can help you to take decision :

  • I like to work hard.
  • I am Honest and Truthful.
  • I am skilled in all the requirements what you want.
  • I get along well with all people. I love to learn and apply new skills.
  • Experienced more than four year.
  • I beveled in great communication with Employer.
  • I build with the future in mind using modern coding techniques
  • I beveled in great communication with Employer.
  • I won’t just disappear after the project is finished!

Like other skilled front-end developers, I have experience with HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, Java Script,  jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL and all the other usual techie acronyms. But acronyms can’t tell the whole story!

Coding Skill

  • HTML595%
  • CSS390%
  • Java Scripts70%
  • jQuery80%
  • jQuery Mobile80%
  • AJAX80%
  • PHP85%
  • MySQL80%
  • XML90%
  • json85%

CMS Skill

  • WordPress90%
  • OpenCart80%
  • Joomla70%
  • Magento60%
  • Drupal60%
  • Weebly90%

Design Skill

  • Photoshop90%
  • Illustrator70%
In the past, I worked as the web developer at couple of  agency, responsible for every web site they produced. This agency was quite successful, and there was too much work coming in for me to code everything myself.

That stressful experience and breach of trust made a huge impression on me. When I started my own company, I vowed that my clients would never have to go through that! Since then, I’ve built my reputation and my business on what I call my four pillars of excellence:

Joy is an all-star.
Alexis Avila- Wed Designer
Joy is a website magician.
Alexis Avila- WordPress plugin Development
Joy is an absolute professional. He was able to meet a very strict deadline without any issues. I am already planning my next project with Joy — it’s been an absolute pleasure working with him.
Abel Morales- Wordpress Web Development
Joy was great to work with as always.  He handled some edits that needed to be addressed.  I love his work ethic and attention to detail.
Auss Seminio- Designer

Work Time

Weekly: 24-30 h.
Follow : EST Time Zone.
Online : 16-20 h/day


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